Wednesday, January 27, 2010


siian ~ so busy wif sch when just started few weeks nia ... no time post :( got also lazy... everyday seems to like go home eat,do hw , slp... loolss!!

i found tt live is beyond wat we can imagine aft i wenta SSS during a competition trip :D totally changed my mind set ~ hahahah . more open than ever :P

just now slept for 2 hours , but had a super long storied-dream . omg. i dreamt back a incident which occurred like few yrs back ~ dk when was it really... i found out myself is so dumb . thn i replaid th scene agn agn n agn until i did it right .

thn suddenly a phone call woke me up . aft i woke up immediately a phrase came to me made me really wanna write " of 1 incident few years back , i aint gonna do th same foolish action agn . " lawl !!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

final post b4 sch reopen .

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 PPL !!! ( thou was 3 days late . sorry . )

celebrated countdown wif frens outside civic centre field . was quite a fun day there thou :)
helped out them to pack goodie bags n stuff. aft tht wenta attend to some booths till midnight . thn COUNTDOWN !! was madly crowded . have lots fun :D

GAWD !! so fast sch reopening soon ... seems i just finished my sec 2 EOY exam yest . LOL ! anyway , tmr sch reopening , this gonna b me last post b4 sch reopen . wasnt blogging for long time coz was too lazy thou got things to write . LOL! sorry bout tht .

tmr gonna wear long pants alr !! omg. gonna b so freaking awkward , seeing every sec 3 boys wearing long pants . lols ! hope would look normal in long pants everyone xD haha.

btw , hav u all done ur hols hws ? gues wat ? i haven man !!! i just completed eng's hw . maths 3/4 . chem 1/4 of 1/4 . lol . chi 1/4 . so dead ! lol . hope tcher wont chase after this hws xD hahaha .

alright . hope u guys , too , hav a good day ahead starting tmr !!

BYES !! :D

Monday, December 21, 2009



wahhahah !~ yest was my mom's 46th birthday xD ( quite old hor ? ) :P shhhhh . hhahahas

right , yest was my mom's bday ... we didnt do anything special compared to th prev yrs ~ this yr we just wenta eat meals & stuffs .

in th morning , dad brought mom along to his worksite + went to eat breakfast ~

thn me & my siblings stayed home , played comp / slping till noon time whn they return ...
around 1-2pm , we were so hungry coz all 4 of us hav not eaten breakfast nor lunch yet, so mom decided to order KFC for us ~ thn we ate it up n thts our breakfast n lunch .... but sis did not eat coz she was going out to somewhere else at tht time :)

thn during th afternoon we just slacked at home th whole day watching tv/slping/play comp ...

rights , thn around 7pm + we went out to cwp's Swensens to hav dinner & celebrate mom's bdae !! woohoo ~

we waited around 30mins b4 going in to sit ... thn daddy suddenly say he gtg for work alr & he isnt able to eat wif us & thn he just left b4 we went in ...
mummy were abit sad coz is her birthday n yet as his husband , he cant make it to celebrate her bday with us ...

but we tried to cheered mom up & tell her dun b sad alr , since he wan to go for work instead to celebrate ur birthday , even if he can come we also wun b happy ...

thn we just move on & had th meal ourselves ~

we ate 7 dishes ~ first round - th main course , we had a seafood thingg... a spicy grilled burger .. a hawaiian pizza (10inch only -.- ) & 2 bowls fried shrimp

thn th second round - th desserts , we had Giant Earthquake & a Chocolate Fondue ... wow ! only 7 ppl eating & my bro ordered soo much ~ mom were still worrying tht we culdnt finish but in th end , my big bro had it all cleaned up !! :D hahaha .

actually , th reason why my bro actually ordered so many food is because , theres 2 chio bu over there & he only call thm to serve him , so he want to talk with thm so he ordered so many food ~ lol , somemore he orderd them separately xD hahaha .

aft tht we wenta walk around n shop abit , bought me n my 2 bros some new clothes !! haha :)

last thing , HOME SWEET HOME !! :) wweeeeeee !! ~~~ hhaha .

was a great day afterall . hahahs ^^

Cut away ~

LOLS!!! finally i cut my hair !! ~ hahahaha .

guess wat ? i really did cut my hair ! ...

only at th sides to prevent hair touching ears & cut away bit of my fringe ~

but i hav myself a new hairstyle ~

i going to make my remaining fringe all combed up !! woots !

liddat surely super cooling !! but i think it looks quite ok thou ~ hahahah :)

anyway ~ my fren posted a song called " We Werent Born To Follow " by Bon Jovi .

wow ! i was so addicted to it man ! its so meaningful & filled rockin sensations ~

( thts my opinion ) but i do not noe whether u guys like it anot :P

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stock it up !! :)

lols, later gotta go stock up my stationaries ~ hahah .

later am going to cwp to get my stationaries, shoes n stuffs ..

thn gotta pick some presents for x-mas gifts exchange :) hahah .

nw am so hunggryy !! ~ aww.... yest night me second bro & i ordered mac delivery ... thn it came in 30mins thou said to b 45mins . but it delivered th wrong order :( thn we gotta wait another 30 mins ( which made tht 1hour ) ... aft tht , whn th 2nd time he came to deliver us our order , guess what ? he delivered us half eaten food to us ( but th burgers aint bitten yet ) eg. like no fries as it was eaten up by th prev customer which mistooken our order .

me n my bro was so .. grrrr ... wth ?
thn i had a mc chicken ( which i wanted , so its ok for me ) thn my bro had mc spicy ( which he did not ordered for . actually was a double cheeseburger , so it wasnt ok for him ) lol.

thn aft having th meal , we were cursing th delivery man to mistook our delivery. also at th same time cursing th prev customer which eaten our fries away ~ saying tht th prev customer is so dumb , didnt even noe he/she had th wrong order n still cont to eat . zzz ...

thn my bro wenta email macdonald an email telling thm to b more careful on wat they are delivering to their customers . LOL .

but anway, since it alr had passed , and wat shuld not b done alr hav been done n theres nth we can do , so ... jus forget bout it alr ~ hahaah .

gosh ~ now im so freakin bored , both my bros using their comp & lappy which can play games , but me using my daddy's lappy , which has no games , can only blog n watch videos =.= if not , watch tv .... so bored !! ><

well... i go find sth to do now , i'll post some other time ~

byes !! ^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

dotz . . .

omg... holidays are up soon ><
but my hw are still 15% only ... omg ... asked many ppl , they too , told me they hav not finished theirs too yet . Some say they dun plan to do it anyway . i guess i shuld at least complete 75% of it .

aww... think i gotta start th ball rollin startin next fri or sth ... later than tht i afraid i might get lazier n lazier n i'll end up no mood doing ( althou now alr in no mood ta do it ) -.- lols .

alright , i'll go watch my vids first . post some other time ~

byes ! ~ ^^

Friday, December 11, 2009


haii, its morning agn ... so fast . yest was just thinkin bout it , now alr forgotten bout it ... haii , nvm ~ hope really i had forgotten it ...

well , was so bored this few days :( aww... but i think will b happier coz my second bro finally got his lappy !! :D now will hav more time use comp . woohoo~ now he can play comp online games wif me ! hahaha . so excited while playing L4D lools !!

wow , dam lah... bro wan use alr ... wtf .... byes ~

post some other time .. zzz